“The SME is increasingly targeted by cybercriminals”

“The SME is increasingly targeted by cybercriminals”

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After an intensive preparation period, ThreadStone Cyber Security is launching an innovative, unique security scan for the SME in 2015. It’s these companies that do not have enough control, time and means to organise sufficient safety measures for their systems and data. At the same time, they are increasingly targeted by computer criminals. “Around 500 new vulnerabilities are discovered in hardware and software per month,” according to René van Etten, general manager of the young and ambitious ThreadStone company.


ThreadStone tackles the problem thoroughly. “Especially for the SME, we developed a broad and thorough  scanning method, which we had profoundly tested  by an independent party,” says Van Etten. “All systems and computers linked to the Internet can be checked: Websites, mail services, cash registers, CMS (content management systems) and  databases. And if a new threat is discovered somewhere in the world  we will immediately adapt our scans accordingly.”

“By now, the ThreadScan is checking around 70.000 possible threats”

After the scan, which can be done  weekly, monthly or quarterly, the client will receive a perspicuous report. This clearly explains apparent threats and possible solutions. “With this, the external IT-advisor or their own IT department can immediately get to work. Everything is completely computer-based. This is why we are able to offer a competitive subscription rate.”


Expert advice Van Etten: “Certainly today, with  the privacy legislation changing, this aspect of company security will become more important, for the SME as well.  Employers who are negligent or careless in protecting confidential information could soon be fined for this as an offence. A large number of employers is not even aware of this. With regard to this matter, we see our key role as counselling SME companies in this, together with the IT partners who are promoting our subscriptions.


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Do you want to know more about the ThreadScan of consortium partners Worldstream, ThreadStone and TNO, which is cofinanced by HSD Development Fund? Visit the Innovation Room on 15 and 16 April during the Cyber Security Week at the HSD Campus. Click here for more information about the Innovation Room or here to register.