CSIS, Dutch Embassy Partner on First-Ever Cyber DiploHack March 26-27

CSIS, Dutch Embassy Partner on First-Ever Cyber DiploHack March 26-27

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The Center for Strategic and International Studies' Strategic Technologies Program and the Netherlands Embassy in Washington D.C. (USA) will host its first-ever cyber policy hackathon. The event, Cyber DiploHack 2015, will take place at CSIS headquarters March 26 and 27.

Six teams drawn from universities in the United States and Europe will participate in an intensive, scenario-based policy hackathon to develop new approaches to cyber security and cyber capacity building.


The Cyber-Policy Hackathon will be the 5th Diplohack hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


With facilitation from CSIS and outside experts, teams will apply creative ideation processes commonly used in technology design to solve a cybersecurity policy challenge. Cyber DiploHack will use cutting-edge technology to enhance collaboration between international teams, facilitators, and judges.


Created with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands and the Dutch Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs, Cyber DiploHack 2015 will identify ways to bring principles into practice for cooperation and capacity building in cyberspace.


Resulting concepts and ideas will serve as input for the Global Conference on Cyberspace, which takes place in the Hague April 16-17.


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