The Hague
The Netherlands



Cyber Security Week 2017

In the same week as the Europol - INTERPOL Cybercrime Conference and the EC-Council’s Global Cyberlympics final, a unique ‘Cyber Security Week’ will be held at several locations in the city of The Hague. During this week, The Hague is the center for the cyber security community. Dozens of events will provide the opportunity to meet key players, discuss the latest developments, share knowledge and to pitch innovative ideas for funding! The CSW is powered by The Hague Security Delta, the leading security cluster in Europe.


Monday 25 Sept: Access to Talent
The first day of the CSW will be dedicated to spark the interest of youngsters for the field of cyber security. Qualified personnel is of vital importance for the creation of innovative security solutions and thus the protection of organisations and society as a whole. Several events will be organised, including a Hacklab to promote the security sector to primary school students.


Tuesday 26 Sept: Access to Capital
Capital is necessary to develop innovative ideas into working systems and products. Therefore, a Dragons Den and startup accelerator programme will be organised as well as a special startup event by Startupfest.


Wednesday 27 Sept: Access to Market
Access to business & knowledge partners, launching customers, and international markets is of great importance for developing innovations and doing business in cyber security. On this day an international matchmaking event will be organised by European Enterprise Network and incoming trade missions will visit the city, presenting both national and international trade opportunities. The day will be closed with a network reception at the City Hall.


Thursday-Friday 28-29 Sept: Access to Knowledge
It is important that organisations and society as a whole stay on top of their game to protect themselves against cyber threats. Therefore, access to relevant knowledge & innovations is key. That is why several lectures and events will be organised, including an HSD Café and Hague Talks.


Would you like to organise an event during the Cyber Security Week? Please contact us.