Business and critical systems are increasingly digitalized, networked and distributed introducing multiple cyber risks. KPMG has developed a realistic cyber defense training environment including various SCADA simulations to help our clients deal with these risks. The training environment has been developed to be as close to the real world as possible, and contains all components that you expect in an operational environment for the following sectors:

  1. Energy: Oil and Gas, Electric Power         
  2. Water: Waste, Supply   
  3. Transportation: Rail, Airline, Automobile              
  4. Manufacturing: Food and Beverage, Chemical, Hi-Tech

Both executive management and operational staff can use these environments to gain strategic, operational and tactical insights in the complexity of addressing cyber incidents in SCADA environments. Participants of the simulation are challenged on being well informed and thorough in decision making to mitigate incidents or prevent them, and keep their industrial control systems running.

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HSD Campus

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IT managers, (IT) directors, security officers, IT operational staff