Cyberlympics is proud to announce the kick off 2017 games! This year’s finals will be held on site in The Hague in the Netherlands during the Cyber Security Week. The finals will be co-hosted with Deloitte Netherlands, The Hague Security Delta and the Municipality of the Hague!


The Elimination Round

Players will compete in one 12-hour block to incorporate the following areas: Digital Forensics, Live Network Exploitation, and Live Web Applications and Services Exploitation. This elimination round will take place on August TBD, 2017 beginning at Midnight UTC and ending on 12PM UTC.


Each team will have the same time frame for all challenges regardless of discipline, which will give each team more of a chance to make it to the finals! We have been studying this model for quite some time and Defcon and most other Global challenges run this way.


True to an “Olympics” style competition, there were many varying challenges from Da Vinci Code Cryptex, RFID challenge, safe and lock picking, cell phone hacking and many others beyond just CTF. We are constantly striving to make Cyberlympics challenging and fun!


The awards ceremony will be held in the Atrium City Hall of the city of The Hague on 27 September 2017 at 19.00h.

It is also possible to visit the final in The Hague. Interested? Please contact: Eric Lopez

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City of The HagueThe Hague Security Delta

WTC/HSD Campus International Centre

Prinses Beatrixlaan 582

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