Learn how to protect against a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack in just one day. DDoS Defense will educate you on the growing threat and consequences of a DDoS attack. In just one day you'll:

  1. Understand a DDoS attack, how it's executed and the implications to your business
  2. Experience demonstrations of DDoS attacks and their effects in real-time
  3. Learn the tools to detect, analyse and mitigate DDoS attacks

Below is a breakdown of what you'll learn:

- The concepts of DoS: Types of attack and effect

- Different protocols surrounding DoS attacks

- Demonstrations of DoS attack tools and their effect

- Using Wireshark as a packet analyser

- Using Wireshark to analyse a DoS attack

- The concepts of DDoS

- Botnets and how they are created 

- Command and Control of Botnets, Botnet traffic

- Demonstration of Botnet launching a DDoS attack, controlled from a single source

- Analysis of DDoS attack using Wireshark and log files

- Mitigation measures for DoS and DDoS, including services provided and methods used

- NCA national DDoS strategy

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