Do you know how to respond when a cyber crisis hits your organization? Does your overall organization know how to act when a cyber breach occurs? Do you have your incident response processes all worked out?


Regardless of the answers to these questions, practice makes perfect! Please join our interactive table top exercise on September 28. During this session you will have the ability to learn from our experts how to handle a cyber crisis situation.


Gain experience on handling a cyber crisis

You’ll gain experience on handling a cyber crisis in a team context. You will not only touch on the technical perspective, but on the legal, public relations and business level perspective as well. Each one of them requires a swift and smart approach. Throughout this session you’ll learn what a cyber crisis really entails and you’ll experience the high pressure and time constraints during cyber crisis events. The experience you will have gained will be instrumental and can be used to either adapt or create an emergency response plan within your organization.

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