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The Cyber Security Week will have its grand opening on September 25th during the Deloitte event Hacklab Kids. Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines will open the event.


The HackLab is an interesting event around cyber security, particularly for children from a primary school. They learn how to be a hacker and they find out what innovations the world is offering today and in the future. The children will be taught by Deloitte’s own hackers; champions of the Global CyberLympics. The programme will contain different kinds of demonstrations and the children will hack a computer network and work on social engineering. They will also get the opportunity to experiment with gadgets.


With HackLab Kids, Deloitte aims to have children take a peek into the life of a hacker. Show them the risks of digitalisation and maybe enthusiast them to choose a technical study and hopefully end up being technical professional themselves.


An item regarding this event was made of the edition in 2015 by NOS (Dutch public broadcasting), click here to see it.

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