Always wanted to gain insight in the approaches a hacker will use to retrieve your passwords? Even from a locked computer? During this workshop, we will show how a Raspberry Pi can be used to receive passwords, install backdoors, siphon data and monitor network traffic. In various scenario's we will guide the participants through the setup and possibilities of a Raspberry Pi as an attack platform.

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During the hands-on hacking workshop, you will learn how to get access to data, as you are interactively and entertainingly inducted into the mysteries of specific hacking techniques. You learn how to execute an attack yourself, and gain an insight into how quick and relatively easy it can be for a hacker to break into your organization.


For attending this workshop, it is necessary to bring your own laptop. The only software you need is a program to set up a SSH connection.

For Windows, you can use Putty. Download via:
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Workshop crew Madison Gurkha

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