How safe are your personal messages? That is the central question for this workshop. In this workshop, participants will investigate a messaging app for Android under the direction of Madison Gurkha security consultants. Learn to work like a hacker, and discover how (un)safe your messages are.

The following 5 scenarios will be discussed during this workshop:

  • Scenario 1: hacking/bypassing the pin code
  • Scenario 2: how to inspect local storage
  • Scenario 3: reverse engineering of encryption algorithm
  • Scenario 4: read someone’s message
  • Scenario 5: Reverse Engineering and Certificate Pinning

For me?

During the hands-on hacking workshop, you will learn how to get access to data, as you are interactively and entertainingly inducted into the mysteries of specific hacking techniques. You learn how to execute an attack yourself, and gain an insight into how quick and relatively easy it can be for a hacker to break into your organization.


For attending this workshop, it is necessary to bring your own laptop.  Specific tooling is required for this workshop. The necessary tools will be installed in a virtual machine that we will offer for download at a later stage.

To use this VM, a laptop supporting Hyper-V is necessary. Also, you need a recent version of VMWare player. This can be downloaded from:
For MacBooks, the trial version of VMWare fusion is also supported:

In preparation for the workshop, please install the VMWare software and download/install the Virtual Machine. If you have any questions, please contact

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Ethical hackers (to be), who love diving in the technical deep and explaining what you found (and sometimes exploit). This is for the unconventional whiz-kids who know their PiZero's, organized their LDAP when playing around in Windows and scan for networks when in public places.