There is a fast-growing need for ICS professionals that have knowledge of Cyber Security within technical or process automation environments. Hudson Cybertec offers a comprehensive Cyber Security training that helps ICS professionals to develop their competencies in this area. Everyone involved in production- and process installation, building bound installations, such as building management systems, HVAC, access control, CCTV and burglary security, will benefit from it. This training is also targeted at everyone that is involved in developments regarding Smart Industry, SCADA/ICS security, Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, IoT of IIoT, or has an interest therein.


During the three-day program, the participants will be made familiar with relevant Cyber Security terminology, gain an excellent understanding of the IEC 62443 standard and develop knowledge about its most important aspects. Participants will learn how to apply the newly gained knowledge and skills within their own organization, or organizations that they are offering services for. The training is fitting the needs for end-users as well as system integrators and vendors.


After the training, participants can sign up for the IEC 62443 Cyber Security exam. They can demonstrate their newly gained IEC 62443-expertise by passing the exam, that is taken by NEN. The holders of the certificate can show that they have sufficient knowledge to create and implement a cyber security policy for IACS- environments, in line with the IEC 62443.

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