As the cyber security landscape continues to evolve, cyber threats evolve along with it. Government institutions and businesses alike are becoming more familiar with the concepts of cyber threat intelligence and managing their digital risk. Legislation currently puts a significant amount of emphasis on the necessity of protecting sensitive data and preserving the privacy of individuals.


During this seminar, 3 Dutch organizations: BitSensor, Cybersprint and RedSocks Security, will share their knowledge and expertise in Cyber Threat Intelligence, Digital Risk Management and what the future in Cyber Security looks like.


About BitSensor:

BitSensor integrates with your application on the application layer to ensure protection of all data. Expected application response is used to define early intruder signals. Newspapers and data leaks are a constant reminder that current security is failing. Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) and network security are failing as important layers of defense. Network security systems are signature-based and rely on filters filtering out known exploits. Hackers are able to bypass these filters with ease by obfuscating the attack-query. As BitSensor is application integrated such bypasses are made impossible.


About Cybersprint:

Cybersprint develops highly innovative software that detects vulnerabilities and prevents incidents. Our solutions are implemented by major banks and government organisations around the world.


About RedSocks Security:

RedSocks Security is specialised in detecting suspicious network behaviour and combatting cybercrime. By combining Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Threat Intelligence, RedSocks Security provides non-intrusive, real-time breach detection solutions and incident response services. Our solutions are implementable within organisations of all sizes, and also serve as a tool of compliance to EU privacy legislation.

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