How do we trace our digital footprint and manage digital risks? Organizations need to have all the insights to monitor, manage and protect against threats no matter where they are coming from whether that be the deep, dark or surface web. Vendors that only focus on the dark web don’t provide a comprehensive understanding of risk and open their customers up to blindspots. When it comes to closed sources on the open, deep and dark web, automated collection alone is insufficient businesses require the human analysis to compliment this collection. Join Daniel Voss, business developer of Digital Shadows at Cyber Security Week and gain complete insights in cybercriminal behavior on the open, deep and dark web and what you are telling the cybercriminal via your digital shadow.

Digital Shadows, recently recognized as a leader in The Forrester Wave™, completes digital risk management with a team of data scientists and intelligence experts who gain access to closed sources, and qualify the data collected to enhance analytic capabilities. Drawing from multiple sources allows intelligence analysts to maximize the strengths and minimize weaknesses of different intelligence disciplines, as well as challenge or corroborate findings.

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