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Cybeats Cyber Immunity for IoT Canada

Cybeats solves a critical security problem for companies that manufacture, integrate or deploy IoT devices in the smart cities, industrial, critical infrastructure or medical environments. Until now, IoT devices have been vulnerable to cyber threats and easy targets for attackers. Cybeats protects IoT devices throughout their lifecycle by taking a unique "inside-out" approach to cybersecurity.

Cybeats microagent is embedded into the devices to provide continuous protection, allowing devices to instantly detect even the most sophisticated and unknown threats, block them to prevent harm, and gather intelligence to help neutralize the threats. Once the manufacturer updates the firmware to eliminate vulnerabilities, Cybeats distributes it to all devices in the field to make them "healthy" again.

We secure new IoT devices to ensure they are without vulnerabilities before being deployed. We protect those devices from threats once they are deployed. We fix and monitor software health of the devices by distributing updated firmware when needed and providing insights into their operation and resource utilization trends. This lifecycle protection allows enterprises to benefit from the value of IoT technologies without increasing their risk profile.

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