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Cyber Forensics / Security Training Netherlands

The Cyber-Security Institute has been established to be a Gateway connecting Security Personnel to the diverse offerings of the Internet in the fields of Cyber Security. Our experienced staff of Grey-Hat security personnel provide security-related resources including multi-level Cyber Security training resources, consulting resources and numerous reference sources for detailed security information.
Our trainers are internationally recognized Network Security and Forensics expert, with real world experience as Network Engineer and Security Consultant in Network Analysis, troubleshooting and Cyber Forensics / Security. They present at seminars and road shows use a highly energetic, knowledgeable and informative style. Are members of the Global Cyber Response Team (GCRT), FBI InfraGard, Computer Security Institute, the IEEE and Volunteer at Cyber Warfare Forum Initiative, frequent consultants for numerous international security, technology and government agencies and featured speakers at local, regional, national and international Security events.

CSW Expos