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Configuration and vulnerability audit and compliance tool Netherlands

Easy2Audit is an efficient and effective configuration and vulnerability audit and compliance tool. Easy2Audit provides organizations a clear statement of basic technical controls all organizations - large and small - should be in control of to mitigate the risk from known cyberattack vectors.

Automatically Easy2Audit audits servers, databases, workstations, laptops, routers/switches and reports on hardening, vulnerabilities and logical access. Against best practice, organizational baselines and industry standards. Reports are available for all stakeholders from c-level, security officers, internal and external auditors to it-managers and administrators.
Easy2Audit leads to significant cost and time savings and consistent, timely reporting. One tool and consistent reporting for all known operating systems. The tool offers the perfect on-ramp to execute compliance programs with mappings to ISO, NEN, BIR/BIG/BIWA, CIS, NIST and PCI.

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