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Identity authorization en verification Netherlands

The Lucom software solutions digitize secure transactions, including aspects such as authorization, ID verification, KYC (Know Your Customer). From a centralized server (on premise) documents and transactions can be signed with Biometric Signatures and/or PKI certificates. Depending on the use case, the best applicable device (PC / Tablet / Smartphone) can be addressed and used for execution. This multi-channel approach from a centralized maintained server-application helps organizations to support both local and remote business processes. It’s even possible to include ID verification within the Biometric signature and to integrate this in customers’ apps. With this solution the security of important transactions is at a much higher level when compared to (pin- or login-) code-based verification. Furthermore does Lucom not only provide the technology, but the complete document and workflow processes are automated and integrated into the existing ICT infrastructure, without having to change it.

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