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DIFOSE team has been trying their best to help persons and companies all around the world for the last six years. In addition to customer satisfaction, our keys to success in Digital Forensics, Cyber Security and Incident Response are our professional work ethic, skill, knowledge, and experience.  Handling more than 4.500 cases, we started to design a suite of tools that will ease the tasks, save time, and increase efficiency in these fields. Here is what we end up with;

IREC : Incident Response Evidence Collector is an all-in-one evidence collector that automates collecting critical evidences from a live system in minutes and present them to you in HTML format.

DIFOSE FD1 : It is a purpose-built and full featured forensic duplicator that makes forensic copies of suspect drives from HDD, USB, and network storage into again HDD, USB, and network storage.

DIFOSE CRB : Clean Repair Box is used during data recovery process when the head, platter or spindle motor of HDD is needed to be changed in a dust free clean environment.

DIFOSE FPC : Forensic Panel Computer is a custom design powerful workstation that eases examiner’s job at data recovery or digital forensic labs for data acquisition and examination.

DIFOSE PCU :  Password Cracking Unit is a powerful, drop-in solution that highly accelerates the process of decrypting all well-known password-protected files and recovering their passwords through a PC network with its 64 GPUs.

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