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NGXSTORAGE / Where Secuirty Meets High Performace Storage Systems Turkey

NGXSTORAGE provides highly scalable, cache centric hybrid and all-flash products for next generation datacenter storage. With its built-in unified architecture, NGXSTORAGE serves block, file and object data simultaneously to achieve various datacenter workloads including; server and desktop virtualization, cloud computing, data warehousing, business intelligence, high performance computing, big data, real time analytics and databases as well as backup and disaster recovery operations.

Some of our seamless products:
» NGX-AFA, petabyte scale NVMe based all-flash array that provides over 10M IOPS in sub-milliseconds.

» NGX-PFS, is an HPC storage system that supports over hundred's of petabyte capacity with multi TB/s throughput.

» NGX-H, true unified hybrid system that provides up to 20PB single name space capacity with 840Gb/s connectivity.

NGXSTORAGE delivers these capabilities without any compromise on enterprise resiliency.



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