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NOVA FMS (Fraud Management System) Turkey

NOVA FMS is a big data security analytics platform that supports deep, holistic, correlative assessment using statistical and machine learning approaches. Key points include complex anomalies, cyber-attacks, cyber-threats, cyber fraud, user behavioral analysis, analytical rule engine and advanced network monitoring (Web, VoIP, and Netflow data).
The goal of NOVA FMS platform is to provide an Intelligent, Agile and Economic solution that can perform security analysis on massive data volume with machine-learning techniques in real-time to detect frauds and threats. NOVA FMS platform is intelligent because it uses machine learning, user profiling, behavior analysis, threat modeling and combines them to obtain better results. NOVA FMS platform is agile because it can be deployed quickly with out-of-the-box collectors and connectors and machine learning-based threat models. NOVA FMS platform is affordable because it is established with an acceptable cost for both licensing and maintenance with open source big data platforms.

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