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Wireshark Training / MFT as a Service Netherlands

SCOS Software is the only Authorized Training Partner of the Wireshark University in Europe. We can offer the Official Wireshark University course: Troubleshooting TCP/IP for a Wireshark Certified Network Analyst certification. We also offer new enhanced courses for Cyber Forensics, IoT, ICS/SCADA, WiFi, VoIP etc. and have special Law Enforcement versions.
SCOS Software is the Benelux distributor of Ipswitch Inc. We now offer MFT as a Saas for Secure Managed File transfer via the cloud, hosted in West Europe – Middenmeer/The Netherlands. MOVEit 2018 brings enhanced interoperability and new collaboration features. MOVEit is also enhanced with a new REST API, support for PowerShell and Amazon S3, secure collaboration for end-users and a new multi-platform, drag-and-drop client. MOVEit Cloud is ready to handle your GDPR compliance needs.

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