Digital Identities: The currency of the Dark Web.


Data has become the most valuable asset of the 21st century. It unlocks our secrets, provides access to our finances, and enables our work. However, every year we continue to see millions of individuals, companies and governments fall victim to fraudsters, with stolen data and compromised device numbers growing day by day. Why is security still such a problem, and where are these threats coming from?

We aim to provide insight into the reality of today’s problems, the individuals involved and the true issues behind frauds continued growth. We will demonstrate, live on stage, the true accessibility, visibility and make-up of the dark web - a concept misunderstood by most due to sensationalisation.

The fraud world is a constantly evolving landscape, and being prepared for today’s threats is only one half of our job as an industry. Just as important is insight and awareness into the capabilities of tomorrows attackers, ensuring we are aware of what is coming around the corner. With this in mind we will also delve into a new form of attack, one not yet discussed or understood by our industry. The migration from digital to physical, and the new challenges we face from invisible physical threats.