Incident Response Consortium's IR18 The Hague


The Incident Response Consortium is working alongside our European counterparts to conduct numerous free-to-attend sessions at this year’s Cyber Security Week on October 4-5 at the Fokker Terminal in The Hague. As an invitee of the Hague Security Delta, the IRC will not only be participating in conducting training sessions and the overall educational curriculum of the event but will be a leading member of the United States delegation in attendance.  


In alignment with the IRC’s practical and educational objectives, the Hague’s Cyber Security Week aims to facilitate the collaborative exchange of knowledge and best practices around cybersecurity and incident response. With its involvement at the Hague, the IRC hopes to extend their goals of collaboration beyond geographic borders, seeking to incorporate a global audience and international presence into the collaborative incident response community.


“It’s an honor to be invited to the Hague for Cyber Security Week, and in the representation of the United States” stated Joseph Loomis, Founder of the Incident Response Consortium, commenting on the IRC’s involvement at the Hague. “It is absolutely vital that our mission of collaboration amongst incident responders extends beyond our own backyard or local borders. Cybersecurity is a global issue, that extends well beyond any preconceived geographic barriers, and our community of incident responders should reflect that essential need for international collaboration.”


The IRC will to perform two days of networking, collaboration, training sessions, and practical workshops for attendees. The format and lesson plans will mimic those of the “IR-series” Conferences held in the United States, with a strong emphasis on incident response best practices and the need for greater community-driven solutions to ever-prevalent cyber threats.

For more information on our speakers:

#1 Joseph Loomis
#2 Greg Hoglund
#3 Travis Farell
#4 Panel discussion
#5 George Chebat
#6 Joseph Loomis
#7 Roberto Sanchez