Phone Bugging 2.0: From Telegraph to the Internet


Over the decades phone bugging has been a great way to extract sensitive information from an unsuspecting target. However as technology advances so does this type of attack.

Nander Hokwerda, will be showcasing a simple device that is camouflaged as a VOIP phone ,which can be hidden in plane site at the target organization.

This allows the attacker to listen to the targets conversations and more.

As these phones are network connected, this gives an attacker a foothold within a corporate network. The VOIP device will deploy customizable malware allowing the attacker to fully compromise the target’s internal networks, therefore providing the attacker with prolonged access to the internal networks to extract as much information as possible.

We will demonstrate how this device works on a simplified network and that the device and type of attack can be tailored to work in most corporate networks.