Securing the energy infrastructure during the Olympic Games in 2020  


Tokyo is hosting the Olympic games in 2020 and this brings major challenges to the world’s largest city. One of the biggest challenges is to maintain the energy supply and prevent a total shutdown during the Olympics. This worst case scenario could become reality as the modern supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks are connected to the internet. In the Japanese culture ‘image’ is one of the most important aspects and interruptions within the energy networks during the 2020 Summer Olympics would be a disaster on a national scale. The public and private sector are well aware that their systems and networks need to be better protected and secured for attacks over the internet. Tepco, one of the largest energy suppliers in Japan, is transforming their existing network into a next generation SCADA network which is connected to the internet. To ‘battle’ this challenge Tepco has searched for international collaboration with other energy suppliers and security companies to fulfill the high Japanese standards. Scott Jarkoff has more than twenty years’ experience in the field of cyber security. He will give the audience a unique technical insight in his international journey to create a secure and reliable next generation SCADA network with the goal to be 100% ready during the Olympic Games in 2020.