The impact of a breach on a business and on individuals: how protected are you?


The tremendous growth of data breaches and the sheer impact on a global scale demonstrates that the data breach is no longer the misfortune of rich businesses in a western world. Data breaches impact everyday people across the globe. Legislation, such as GDPR, will change how you as an organization combat data breaches on a global scale yet, as businesses and governments continue to get smarter on how to protect their interests, so too do the cybercriminals. And while advances in technology (such as smart ID, tokens and biometrics) and currencies will continue, one risk will always remain the same - the ever-present human factor. You, as a company, large or small, need to act now and start putting in place robust standards and procedures to counter the cyber security threat, or face the prospect of paying astronomical costs in regulatory fines and reputational harm to your brand.


What technologies do you have in place to protect your business, your employees and your customers from data breaches? Join us at the workshop to exchange and learn about:

- Which type of fraud is your business exposed to because of data breaches?
- How to be alerted that your employees and your customers’ data is on sales on the DarkNet, how to react and to communicate?
- How to protect your digital business without impacting your Customer Experience with frictionless fraud prevention strategies, Device Intelligence, Behavioral biometrics, ID verification?
- How will enforced Regulations help to encourage companies to be proactive in protecting not only their business interests and employees but that of their customers too?


Christof Seifert
Christof Seifert