UK Country Track 2018


13.30 Opening by Department for International Trade - The Netherlands

The commercial section of the British Embassy will give a brief overview of bilateral cyber trade.


13.40 Cyber Volunteers Programme Hampshire Police UK & Nationale Politie Nederland

The Hampshire Police department will give a presentation about their Cyber Volunteers programme, where industry experts are recruited as volunteers for the police department. Over the next 18 months, this programme will be scaled on the national level in the UK, amounting to over 250 volunteers in total. Based on this succes, the Dutch National Police is aiming to implement the same system here.


14.10 Pitch by CounterCraft

CounterCraft is a provider of a ‘Cyber Deception Platform’ and counterintelligence products to detect targeted attacks. Working both with the public and private sector, CounterCraft is baiting adversaries through decoys, gaining information on these attackers and their objectives.


14.30 Presentation by UM-Labs and KPN

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in London, UM-Labs’ cloud-based solutions work in real time to protect and encrypt internet communications across all cloud variants. It deals with major issues or criminal activity to protect businesses from fraud, disruption and hacking attacks. Today, they’ll announce a partnership with KPN’s CISO Jaya Baloo.


14.50 Pitch by Hexegic

Hexegic is a small, agile and flexible Cyber, Risk and Intelligence company working across business and geographic landscapes. They specialise is approaching, engaging and building relationships with their clients, developing solutions to their problems together.


15.10 Pitch by CyNation

CyNation helps organisations improve their information security and information compliance posture by providing innovative, end-to-end cyber security and information compliance solutions. CyNation focuses on automation as the key to enhancing their effectiveness and efficiency in dealing with these problems.


15.30 Pitch by Adeptis Group

Adeptis Group is a specialist international Cyber Security recruitment company, working on behalf of clients who want to protect their assets from cyber crime, by recruiting cyber security professionals.


15.50 Pitch by Cambridge Intelligence

Through the company’s ‘toolkit’ - KeyLines technology, Cambridge Intelligence helps customers to build their own data visualisation applications (including people, events, locations, devices etc.). Customers can then connect the dots within their networks, uncover threats and generate intelligence themselves.


16.10 LORCA Lightning Round Four companies from the London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity

Advancement will showcase their capabilities in a lighting round to close off our country track! Participants will be announced shortly.


Tom Haye (Chief Officer)
Tom Haye (Chief Officer)
Christian van der Woude
Christian van der Woude
Godfrey Gaston
Godfrey Gaston