Victim, target, collateral, or lucky? How geo politics is influencing your cyber risk posture


Speeding through 12 years of cyber threats, Eward unveils the technical evolution, spanning from the humble beginnings of Russian organized cybercrime, leading up to today’s T-junction, where the rookie criminals move to cryptojacking and the veterans get recruited by the nation states they reside in. Whether you’re a target, bycatch or collateral damage, risk varies wildly across different verticals. That's why it’s more important than ever to keep our cool while we design our defenses. Because it’s not the end of the world; it’s a game of leap frog. Today Nation states cause unpredictability. The next leap is going to involve our safety, as IoT and extortion intertwine. Our risk posture is fluctuating wildly, like a seismograph in an earth quake. How do we deal with this, how can we keep our cool, how can we adopt “smart paranoia”, and what’s going to be the next break through? Eward will offer insight from real world cases and observations, and explain how some of Europe’s most successful organizations are evolving their infosec posture.