This week will be all about Cyber Security in The Hague. As city of Peace, Justice and Security, we acknowledge the threats and opportunities of our digitising world. That is why we are looking for innovative solutions to protected us from cyber threats, invest in awareness and enhance sharing knowledge. Coming all together during the Cyber Security Week. It provides opportunities to meet key players, discuss the latest developments, share knowledge and pitch for funding. We hope to see you there!

Cyber Security Week in The Hague is a Wrap

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Cyber Security Week in The Hague is a wrap! It was a great week packed with many events aiming to share knowledge, discuss cyber security issues, provide access to capital, stimulate collaboration and scout talent. It attracted many visitors to the city, more than 2.000 people attended the ONE Conference alone.


The week was opened by the minister of Justice & Security during the ECSO Cyber Investors Days at the HSD Campus and highlight was the ONE conference in World Forum followed by the International Cyber Security Business Event. Journalist from all over the world joined the week and a special media tour was organised, including a visit to the HSD Campus. 


Watch the recap video, to relive the vibe and we hope to see you next year!


The Cyber Security Week has ended, but we’re up to speed again: visiting the ITSA in Germany with a Dutch cybersecurity delegation on 24 & 25 October and on 24 October the start of Hardwear i.o. Security Trainings & Conference in The Hague: a 5-day event were 'techies' from over the whole world enhance their skills on hardware security.