This week will be all about cyber security in The Hague. In the International city of Peace and Justice, everyday we are working together to make the world a more secure place. As a global hub for cyber security, we acknowledge the threats and opportunities of our digitising world and are committed to keep us safe from cybercriminals. That is why we stimulate sharing knowledge, invest in cyber awareness and why we host many organisations that work on cyber security solutions. During the Cyber Security Week everything comes together. The many events provide opportunities to network, meet key players, discuss the latest developments, share knowledge and create awareness. Let's collaborate and secure the digital future!  

Looking for talent?

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During the Hague Cyber Security Week , special attention is also given to the the of Cyber Talent.


In the municipality if The Hague we try to stimulate cyber talent as much as possible by making it an important aspect of events during the Cyber Security Week. For example, during Hâck The Hague we saw how talented hackers tried to hack the systems of the municipality.


In addition, a talent HUB was organized at the ONE Conference and talent was a important topic during Women in Cyber. Besides those two events, the World Class program also organized an interesting lecture by Erik de Jong for interested students. So there were many opportunities for talent and anyone interested in the topic!


In the future, many more events for cyber talent will be organized! There will be different cyber security schools and collaborations with educations istitutions. If you want to know more about being talent in The Hague, check out Behague!